audio guide for gulag history musem 

object design and location principles 
gulag history museum

Dasha Vinokurova

Yegor Yagodkin

Elena Solozobova

in december 2018 a new permanent exhibition “the gulag in people’s lives and the national history” launched in gulag history museum. the museum’s team collaborated with professional actors to create an audioguide that makes the experience of the exhibition complete 

my goal was to design the audio tags and develop the principles of the tags’ location in relation to key semantic points of the expo. my main challenges were low level of light in the exhibition and complicated technical setup and divercity of the tags

I designed a box that fully covered the tags concealing their diverse looks. the round shape of a black box with highlighted white edges makes a tag more recognizable in poorly lit interior. I also developed a principle system for the tags’ location and designed an information board with a test audio tag in the museum’s foyer

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