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gulag history museum

identity, print design
gulag history museum

Dasha Vinokurova

art direction
Anna Redkina
Constantine Konovalov
in 2016–2019 I worked as a lead graphic designer in gulag history museum in moscow.

the gulag history museum is a center for studying, comprehending, and openly discussing the history of mass repression in the USSR. it was established in 2001 by anton antonov-ovseyenko, a prominent historian, publicist, and public figure who endured imprisonment in stalin’s camps as a son of an ‘enemy of the people.’  

three years of working side by side with the great team of the museum shaped my design approach and helped me realize my main pursuit in work: creating projects that carry educational, cultural and social significance and help people change their lives to the better through discussing and embracing difficult and non-obvious topics

during those three years I developed the identity of the museum:  designed elements of branding, wayfinding, event posters and printed matter. I also worked on book and editorial projects (’from solovki to kolyma’, exibition catalogue; ‘sur-vivors’, comic book; annual reports)

I designed several temporary exhibitions, two of which were honored with Intermuseum international award. I also took part in designing the new permanent exbibition that launched in december 2018

︎︎︎ entrance ticket

︎︎︎ exposition opening poster

︎︎︎ road sign

︎︎︎ tote bag

︎︎︎ closure announcement

︎︎︎ wayfinding flyer

︎︎︎ the house on samoteka — exhibition

︎︎︎ material evidence: the notebook — exhibition

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