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the Map of Tel Aviv metropolitan transportation system

map design
october — november 2022

Constantine Konovalov
Dasha Vinokurova

Kalan Abe

Sasha Derivanov

Sharon Ben-Yakir
Tzachi Reouveni
Asaf Bareket

a new transportation system is under construction in Tel Aviv. consisting of three subway lines and three light rail lines, it will connect Tel Aviv with the rest of Dan area through fast and comfortable public transportation. the project is very ambitious and highly anticipated in Israel.

Neta, the company in charge of its design and construction, approached us for a new map of the system that would clearly and vividly show its structure to future users. the map represents the final state of the system. by the time the map was created, the red line had already been built and was being prepared for launch, and the green and purple lines were under construction

central intersection

a balance between attractive appearance and geographical accuracy is crucial in creating a city transportation map that is both memorable and understandable to users. in the central part of Tel Aviv, almost all lines of the new transportation system intersect, so it was important to develop a recognisable pattern for this area of the map.

taming the shapes of lines

the M3 yellow line is shaped like a half ring. starting near the seashore and returning to the seaside after diving deep into the city, it became the backbone of the map. the line encircles the city, so we tried to give it a recognisable symmetrical shape.

while designing the map it was also crucial to “tame” the longest and most complex M1 blue line. we discovered symmetry in its shape and used repeating 90-degree bends in the upper and lower parts of the line to create harmony between the top and bottom sections of the map.


the design for this transportation system was tailored to highlight the identity of Tel Aviv and its future transit network. one of the distinctive features of the Tel Aviv light rail system is its underground segments, which function as an alternative to a metro in certain areas. to emphasise this unique feature we designed a remarkable transition from a thick line representing the metro to a thin line that designates the surface-level light rail.

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