material evidence: a folder with sketches

gulag history museum
april 2018

“material evidence” project including “a little book” and “a folder with sketches” exhibitions that I designed was honored with the grand prix of an internetional “intermuseum-2018” festival

graphic design
Dasha Vinokurova

Maria Plynskaya

scientific consultant
Tatiana Polyanskaya

Anna Redkina

handmade toys
Innokenty Sharkov
Daria Chapkovskaya

Nikolay Sysoyev

the gulag history museum launched a series of one-piece exhibitions featuring material evidence of the stalin’s repression epoch. “a folder with sketches” exhibition is dedicated to the folder with the sketches of childrens’ toys, designed by the soviet artist boris kreitser during his imprisonment in a gulag labour camp

boris kreitser was an influental book illustrator, architect and graphic designer. his close encounters with foreign colleagues and neighbourship with japanese specialists made the artist a subject of close attention of nkvd. in 1938 he barely avoided shooting on fabricated charges and was imprisoned to labour camp as a “german and japanese spy”. during his imprisonment in komy republic kreitser designed a series of toys commisioned by nkvd

boris kreitser’s books, sketches, illustrations and photos from the personal archive were displayed at the exhibition dedicated to his memory

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