graphic design and illustration



nekrasov’s move


the state literary
and memorial museum-reserve
of n.a. nekrasov "karabikha"

december 2021


this project is about how poetry arises. reflecting on the works of nekrasov of the karabikha period, the authors asked questions: what does the poet take from reality and how is a poetic text born from this vital material? how does the poet's vision work, what visual images does he preserve in his works? how does he listen to the voices of time and what does he snatch from this noise — in phrases, rhythms, consonances? how does he build his own image — a poet, a storyteller, a citizen? how does he tell stories, what should the "truth of life" be, and where does he consider it necessary to move away from it? what does he say directly, and what, following artistic logic or going towards censorship, is he only hinting at?

each of the installations is dedicated to each of these issues. all of them are just "auxiliary devices" for reading the poetic text, which is the main exhibit here. the exhibition that I did graphic design for was opened in december 2021 in the memorial museum-reserve of n.a. nekrasov “karabikha” in yaroslavl region 

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