graphic design and illustration



peredelkino arts centre

identity, posters
peredelkino house of creativity
may — november 2021

Dasha Vinokurova

art direction
Arthur Lebsack

production management
Olga Zharikova
Roman Bashtovoy 

creative direction
Daria Beglova

Pavel Samsonov

in 2021 I worked as a lead graphic designer in a renovated peredelkino arts centre

peredelkino, the legendary writers' colony, was set up outside moscow in the 1930s and became an epicentre of literature in the soviet days. some of the most prominent writers of the 20th century lived and worked here. the arts centre, as we know it today, was built in 1955 to provide undisturbed time and space for literary writers to focus on their work. from then on it served as a literary residency and each candidate had to be approved by the literary fund. even though it was hard to get into the residency, many russian writers, poets, screenwriters and translators of the XX century worked here.
after the collapse of the soviet union the building fell into decay. several years ago the arts centre opened its doors again. the building was meticulously restored with original interiors, the famous staircase in the foyer, and the library 

alongside the team of the arts centre I developed the identity of the new cultural phenomenon of moscow:  designed elements of branding, wayfinding, event posters and printed matter. I also designed a merchandise line and printed matter for the permanent residency program that launched in june 2021 

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