graphic design and illustration



sur-vivors. the gulag

graphic novel book and expo display
gulag history museum

in 2019 the project was honoured by bronze epica award in publication design

Dasha Vinokurova

graphic novels
Konstantin Chirkov
Dmitry Osetrov
Anastasiya Danilova
Sofia Elovikova

Eldar Selimov
Kira Afonina

scientific consultant
Tatiana Polyanskaya

creative director
Sergey Kozhevnikov

art director
Anastasiya Haritonova

Elena Solozobov

display production
Vlasta Efremova

“sur-vivors” are the memoirs of the mass repression’ victims told the visual language of graphic novel. the characters of the comics are real people, whose stories are told in the gulag history museum’s new exhibition. their memories were illustrated by four artists, I designed the book and coordinated the production process. the book was published in english, russian and italian languages

in autumn 2019 the museum took part in the “com-missia” comic book festival in moscow. I designed the museum’s display for the festival. eash visitor could listen to an actual audio interview of one of the book’s characters and compare the real memoirs’ fragments with the artist’s graphic vision
emotional accent of the zone is a wall installation with the sun figure constructed with bright yellow envelopes, that symbolize connection of the repressions’ victims and their loved ones, their hope for reunification and better future. each envelope contained an invitation to the museum with little fragments of the graphic novels

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