graphic design and illustration



three sisters rehabilitation centre 

identity, print design
septmber 2019 — april 2021

lead graphic designer
Dasha Vinokurova

Anna Simakova

Diana Karliner
Ekaterina Bondarenko 

in 2019–2022 I worked as a lead graphic designer in the three sisters rehabilitation centre.

‘three sisters’ is an expert in the rehabilitation of complex strokes and injuries. the clinic was built from scratch in a picturesque forest 30 kilometers from Moscow. it accepts adults and children after strokes, injuries, surgeries, oncology. 

throughout 2,5 years in a lead graphic designer role I developed the graphic identity of the clinic, conducted a full client documentation redesign, worked on printed matter, as well as on digital design for social media and special projects. another big part of my work was designing educational materials and posters for corporate culture, education and internal communication purposes.

I also art directed 3 issues of the corporate magazine for the three sisters rehabilitation centre

patient ward whiteboard

staff uniform
illustratior: Daria Zaharova

office stationery 


design for social media marketing


restaurant menu

restaurant advertising posters

weekly and daily patient’s schedule

invoice, cheque and pricelist design

posters communicating the clinic’s key values
illustrators left to right:
rita cherepanova, maria tolstova, daria zaharova, tatiana manaeva, ksenia stoylik

posters and educational materials for the staff
top 1 and 3 illustrator: daria zaharova

covid-19 protocol posters


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